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9 Lawn Mowing Tips to Help You Cut Grass like a Pro

Basic lawn care knowledge will serve any homeowner well, but it is especially valuable to first-time homeowners. Knowing the proper way to mow a lawn will not only increase the curb appeal of your home, it also contributes to the health of the grass itself. Below are nine tips to help improve the effectiveness of […]

Here’s 7 Reasons Why Doorbell Cameras Are So Popular

Doorbell cameras have become an increasingly popular choice for residential security. You have likely seen news stories about burglary attempts, home invasions, package theft and other crimes against homeowners. Much of the security footage that accompanies these news reports has been captured by doorbell cameras. Doorbell cameras are relatively small, unobtrusive cameras mounted near the […]

Three Causes of Household Fires that May Surprise You

When we think about the various causes of accidental fires, things like faulty wiring, portable heaters, and unattended candles easily come to mind. But there are also some surprising causes of house fires. Below are three things you probably never suspected as being fire hazards… 1) Batteries It is a rare occurrence, but discarded household […]