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The 10 Most Compelling Reasons to Install a Monitored Home Security System

Every homeowner has the desire to safeguard their family and property. New homeowners seem to be particularly concerned about security, especially those that are unfamiliar with the area to which they have recently moved. Even if the neighborhood is an upgrade from their prior location, no community is totally immune to crime or vandalism.

Because buying a home is such a major expenditure, some new homeowners are tempted to put off certain projects, like installing a security system, until a later time. If the urgency to implement security measures has begun to inch downward on your list of priorities, just remember that by the time you finish reading this article about 12 more homes will have been broken into somewhere in the US.

Below are ten compelling reasons to install a monitored security system in your home…

1) Protects your home and family around-the-clock

A professionally-monitored security system provides continuous protection for your family, home and possessions. The 24/7 monitoring helps guard against burglaries, home invasions, and other devastating crimes. You can also use the system to request immediate assistance in the event of a medical emergency. Unlike an unmonitored system or a self-monitored system, a monitored system has someone available around the clock to assist with any urgent situation that may arise.

2) Provides peace of mind

Adding a monitored security system to your home provides a strong layer of defense, and knowing you are taking the proper steps to protect your household and belongings provides a tremendous sense of well-being. In fact, peace of mind is one of the greatest benefits a monitored security system brings to you and your family. If a break-in, home invasion, or other emergency should ever occur, you are only seconds away from getting the help you need.

3) Acts as a strong visual deterrent

If a home is secure, you also want it to look secure. One of the most effective visual deterrents is the use of warning notices. Almost all security system providers offer yard signs as well as decals for windows and doors. These should be placed so they can be seen from all approaches to the home, not just the front. By alerting potential thieves and intruders that your home is equipped with a monitored security system, chances are they will decide to target an unprotected home instead. Also, if your security system includes exterior surveillance cameras, those will also provide a strong visual deterrent to a break-in attempt.

4) Audible alarm to scare off would-be intruders

Home security systems use a variety of sensors to detect unlawful access through a door or window. If entry is attempted, the system can emit a loud alarm as well as initiate a call to the authorities. In most cases, potential intruders will flee from the blaring sound of an alarm to avoid being identified and apprehended. In addition to deterring intruders from gaining access to your home, the alarm also alerts the entire household of an attempted break-in.

5) Summons police, fire department, or ambulance on your behalf

A monitored security system will initiate contact to emergency personnel on your behalf.  If an alarm gets triggered on a monitored security system, an alert signal will be transmitted instantly to your service provider’s central monitoring station. Your service provider will then dispatch the appropriate authorities to your residence. Some providers may attempt to contact you to confirm details before dispatching first responders to your home, but as soon as the emergency is confirmed, or if you don’t respond, first responders will be immediately dispatched.

6) Includes a panic button for medical and other emergencies

Most monitored security systems offer a panic button, which allows you and your family to summon immediate help from within your home. In addition to alerting the authorities to any unlawful activity, a panic button can be used to call for help in the event of a fire, a fall, medical issue or any other emergency that requires immediate assistance. Pressing the button will alert your service provider of an urgent situation so they can notify the authorities. Also known as a duress alarm, a panic button works as fast or faster than calling 911, which is particularly helpful if you are unable to speak or get to a phone. Panic buttons are available as a portable remote to carry on your person or they can be mounted anywhere in the home.

7) Upgrade features can monitor for smoke, CO levels, and more

A home security system helps protect against intruders and break-ins, but many systems offer upgrade features that can provide monitoring for fire and smoke, carbon monoxide, water leaks, and other harmful occurrences.  As soon as the system recognizes a problem, the service provider will be instantly notified in order to get help on the way. Early detection of these potential dangers not only helps warn you and your family members, it can also limit damage to the home.

8) Potential for discounted insurance premiums

Insurance companies recognize that security systems provide a safer environment for your household. Hence, most insurance companies will discount the premiums of the homeowner policy for homes equipped with a professionally-monitored security system. The amount of the discount varies according to the level of protection installed at the home. Check with your insurance provider for available discounts.

9) Optional cameras provide remote surveillance

In addition to sensors that detect motion, glass breaking, or the opening of doors and windows, many systems offer the option of surveillance cameras. Cameras allow you to remotely view areas of your home when you’re not there, through a smartphone or other device. You can watch real-time video, day or night, to ensure your household is safe. Plus, if your system has the ability to store video, footage can be recorded and viewed at a later time. This feature can provide valuable evidence in the event a crime, vandalism, or similar offense should ever occur.

10) Much more affordable than you might think

Fortunately for homeowners, there is a home security system available to fit just about every budget. The installation fee is usually low and many providers provide the equipment free or at minimal cost if you sign up for monthly monitoring. The monthly monitoring is reasonable too, especially when compared to the cost of not having a system…the threat of physical harm, the emotional toll of being a crime victim, or the monetary and sentimental value of stolen belongings. Plus, as mentioned under item #8 above, a monitored security system will likely qualify you to receive a discount on your homeowners insurance.

To get the most value from a home security system, investing in professional 24/7 monitoring is the best option. After all, you don’t want to be left on your own in the event of a dangerous situation or medical emergency.

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