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Here’s 7 Reasons Why Doorbell Cameras Are So Popular

Doorbell cameras have become an increasingly popular choice for residential security. You have likely seen news stories about burglary attempts, home invasions, package theft and other crimes against homeowners. Much of the security footage that accompanies these news reports has been captured by doorbell cameras.

Doorbell cameras are relatively small, unobtrusive cameras mounted near the entrance of a home. As the name implies, these units function as a security camera as well as the doorbell.

Home security doorbells are available as hardwired or battery-powered models. Also, most include a motion sensor, two-way communication, and the ability to view real-time video on a smartphone or other device.

Safeguarding one’s home and family is a top priority of most people. With that in mind, below are seven reasons to consider installing a doorbell camera as part of your home protection system…

1) Less obtrusive than traditional security cameras

Traditional exterior security cameras, like the dome or bullet styles, protrude from their mounting surface and are instantly noticeable. As such, they provide a strong visual deterrent. However, many homeowners would prefer not to have these bulky and conspicuous cameras positioned around their front porch or entryway. For those that share this concern, a doorbell camera is a good choice because it is much smaller in scale and mounts flush. Many models resemble a typical doorbell. Thus, doorbell cameras can provide security without disturbing the aesthetics of the home.

2) Offers the convenience of two-way communication

Most doorbell camera systems offer two-way audio. For example, if someone rings your doorbell, you can communicate through a speaker without having to physically go to the door. Even if you aren’t home at the time, you can remotely access the speaker through a smartphone or tablet. This feature gives the impression you are at home. By keeping visitors unaware that you are not actually present, it discourages unauthorized entry and other misdeeds.

3) Produces high-quality video

Video quality largely depends on the resolution of a particular system, but most of the doorbell cameras on the market today are capable of providing high-quality video surveillance. Real-time video can be viewed via smartphone or tablet, wherever you happen to be. Doorbell cameras can detect motion and will send you an alert when activity occurs. This allows you to react accordingly, whether that means communicating via the two-way speaker or contacting the authorities. In addition to watching real-time video remotely, some systems have a feature that allows video to be recorded and stored for future review. Depending on the system, the video could be stored locally or in the cloud.  Should a crime occur, video evidence can aid the police as well as support any insurance claims.

4) Includes night vision capabilities  

Unless you know who is on the other side, it is usually a wise practice not to open the door. This is especially true after dark. Plus, many crimes and acts of vandalism are perpetrated at night. Most doorbell cameras will switch to infrared night vision mode as darkness approaches, still allowing you to monitor who is at the door. Even though daytime images will be in color, most doorbell cameras will generate monochrome images in low-light conditions.

5) Allows you to screen every visitor to your home

Doorbell cameras allow you to screen everyone who comes to your door, in real time. Because the built-in motion detector provides instant alerts whenever someone approaches, you can respond quickly and appropriately. This way you won’t miss friends, family members, service providers, delivery drivers or other expected visitors. If the person turns out to be an uninvited visitor, such as a solicitor or other stranger, you can save the time and effort of going to the door by either ignoring them or conversing through the camera’s speaker.

6) Helps monitor deliveries and combat package theft

Since a doorbell camera can be set to alert you when someone approaches the front of the house, you will know when a delivery driver drops off a parcel. On a related note, a doorbell camera can also help combat opportunistic “porch pirates” who steal unattended packages off porches and front steps. Some of these thieves even follow delivery trucks through neighborhoods to see where packages are placed. Being alerted to an approaching box bandit will allow you to confront them over the speaker system and/or quickly call the police. Valuable evidence can also be gathered if your system is configured to store video. The recorded incident will prove helpful as you attempt to identify the perpetrator and recover any stolen property.

7) Provides a visual deterrent 

According to FBI statistics, over a third of unlawful entries are made through the front door. While the average person might not notice that the front doorbell is also a sophisticated camera, those with nefarious intent will likely be on the lookout for such a device and will be able to recognize it as a camera. Not wanting to be seen on video, thieves and vandals would rather leave the property and target an unprotected home instead. By the way, the doorbell camera’s field of vision is an important factor in capturing activity outside the door. For best results, install a doorbell camera that has a wide viewing angle so it can observe the areas on either side of the door in addition to straight ahead.

One of the primary responsibilities of home ownership is protecting your family and property. A home security system is one of the most prevalent ways to guard against criminal activity and malicious mischief. Doorbell cameras are a popular addition to a home security system.

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